New advice line

A new service is now available. Lawyers, managing agents and other professionals working in the sector will access LEASE advice through an online booking system. No more waiting on hold – select your slot, call the number provided and get the advice you need. Written advice is also available.

A 20 minute slot will cost just £45 (plus VAT). A 40 minute slot for advice in writing is £90 (plus VAT).

Are you a professional with an issue that you’d like to discuss with a LEASE adviser?

Click here to book your first appointment

The revenue from this new service will, as always, be going to support our free service for leaseholders.




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LEASE provides FREE initial advice to members of the public on residential long leasehold and park homes law. We can help if your enquiry is about a flat or leasehold house with a lease longer than 21 years or park homes.

LEASE is not able to advise on:

  • assured or assured shorthold tenancies (eg, if rent is paid weekly or monthly)
  • commercial leases (a shop or other business)

Leasehold professionals

Leasehold professionals such as lawyers, managing agents, surveyors, estate agents, developers etc can also access advice by paying a fee and booking an advice session.

Getting the most out of your contact with LEASE

To help you get the advice you need as conveniently as possible, here are some tips:

  1. Use the interactive tool on our website. Start by clicking one of the links below to access helpful advice guides that may provide the answer you need:
  2. If you still can’t find the advice you need you can call our advice helpline. To make the best use of your time, make sure that before you call you:
    • write down a clear outline of your problem and any questions you have. This can help the adviser help you more easily
    • make sure you have relevant documents to hand
    • have a pen and paper, as leasehold law can be complicated and you may want to make some notes

We can provide advice by email (contact us in writing using the enquiry form), telephone, letter or in person at the office (by appointment only).

Telephone helpline: 020 7832 2500
Monday to Friday from 9:30-15:00

Park homes

If you are looking for advice on park homes law, please use the enquiry form, or telephone 020 7832 2525. Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9:00-17:00.